How to Put Chain on Chainsaw (Ultimate Step by Step Guide)

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 10:19 pm

Have you fallen the chain of your chainsaw while cutting the firewood? And you want to know how to put chain on a chainsaw? Then, you are at the right place. 

Many of us use a chainsaw, and face one of the most frequent problems: the falling of the chain from the saw bar and don’t know how to replace its chain properly.

How to Put Chain on Chainsaw
How to Put Chain on Chainsaw

It’s necessary to learn and know because putting the chain in the wrong way can convert into significant damage.  This guide will help you out to configure chainsaw chains properly. 

Follow the following steps and set a chain back on the chainsaw effectively and professionally.

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Preparation and personal safety tips:

Be prepared and follow the following safety tips while fixing the fallen chain;

  • Wear safety hand gloves
  • Get a piece of newspaper so that you can put your tools and disassembled parts.
  • Make sure that the chainsaw is in the off position, and the safety case is locked.
  • Place the tip of the blade away from you.

Tools Used for Put Chain on Chainsaw

When cutting woods outside, put the too simple but most helpful tool in your pocket. So, you can set chains on chainsaws anywhere or any time with the help of this tool.

Hence, no complicated or heavy tool is required.

  • Get a ½ inch wrench,
  • A drift and 
  • A hammer (medium size)

Important steps to put a chain on chainsaw:

Following  are some important steps to put a chain on a chainsaw.

1- Separation of guide bar side plate

Most of the chainsaws used a side plate attached by two nuts, with the help of a wrench unscrewing the nuts and removing the guide bar side plate.

Relief the tension of the chain
Relief the tension of the chain

2- Relief the tension of the chain

After removing the side plate, the old chain is ready to remove. At this time, we have to pull the nose of the chainsaw bar as it is away from the chainsaw. The tension of the chain will release. Remove the old chainsaw from the guide bar.  

At this time, hand gloves protect us from hurting our hands or fingers.

3- Loosening the tensioning screw:

The position of this screw is inside of the guide. We need to lose it. After this, we install a new chain.

4- Thread the new chain and align the guide bar

Thread a New Chain
Thread a New Chain

Here, we thread the new chain around the clutch drum carefully. The drive links must engage in the sprocket and around its nose during the threading.

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After this, we put some tension into the sidebar. That’s why we need to pull the nose away from the sidebar.

5- Replace and tighten the side plate

After aligning the guide bar, the sidebar is ready to replace. Nuts should be properly tightened but not tight too strictly that the bar will be unable to move. And after this step, we need to tighten the side plate.

The chainsaw is ready to work. Now, you are good to use your chainsaw for cutting wood.


We suggest you follow the steps mentioned above and instructions to put a chain on a chainsaw. And also, make sure to follow the personal safety tips to avoid any injury. Follow them properly and continue your job. If you have found this article helpful or want to ask any question, then you can post your feedback in the comment section below. Have a healthy and safe Sawing!

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