How to Start an Echo Chainsaw? – Step by Step Beginners Guide

Last updated on June 4th, 2023 at 10:38 pm

How to Start an Echo Chainsaw
How to Start an Echo Chainsaw

Are you new to use a Chainsaw and do not know how to start an echo Chainsaw? Are you using this device the first time? Then it would be best if you were careful because it is not that easy to start as it looks.

A chainsaw is a viable tool around the house. It could be very dangerous if not used properly. It’s essential to have safety and all aspects operational, especially when starting.  Also visit How To Start A Chainsaw? (Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide) for prior knowledge.

How to Start an Echo Chainsaw – Beginners Guide

We should adopt safety measures to protect us by avoiding any unwanted situation before we go to the procedure of how to start an echo chainsaw. If the Chainsaw is not used correctly it may be dangerous.

Safety Measures

Does it also guide how to start and use Chainsaw? As far as safety concerns, the device’s manufacturers provide a safety manual and a manual containing instructions that should be read carefully to avoid accidents. It should be the safest and easiest way to do so as there are several ways of getting it started to start your Echo Chainsaw.

  • Safety wear should be used appropriately while starting the Echo Chainsaw. It will help to avoid any unwanted circumstances.
  • Safety goggles/glasses should adequately use.
  • Surely make use of a helmet.
  • Wear snug fitting clothes while using it. Infect these clothes should be of full sleeves.
  • The use of non-slippery gloves should be there because there may be kickback when cutting some hardwood or hard surface thing. Instead of having slippery gloves, there should be non-slippery gloves and a firm grip on the floor with the shoes or boots wearing proper grip to flour to avoid kickback.
  • Leather or steel-toed shoes or boots are necessary to make sure the safety measures.
  • Before pulling the starter cord, it should be adequately checked whether it is proper and fit or fraying.
  • The echo chainsaw should always be in the horizontal position.
  • Do not ever use it with one hand. Always use it with both hands. The front handle should be gripped by the left hand while the right hand is on the rear handle.
  • Keep yourself away from the Chainsaw while cutting something. Also, keep children away from the work area or the place where the tree has to fall.

These will help you to start echo chainsaw safely. Hearing protection, eye protection, and head protection devices should be used.

Starting Procedure

Now here is the procedure that, how you are going to start an Echo Chainsaw. For your safety and care, here is the easy procedure to follow to start a Chainsaw.

How To Start An Echo Chainsaw? – Step By Step Beginners Guide
How to Start an Echo Chainsaw? – Step by Step Beginners Guide


Push the chain brake handle fold to engage it properly. Echo Chainsaw features two reservoirs, one for the oil and one for the bar and chain oil.

Be sure to use the appropriate one. A tip I would recommend for you guys is never to have both caps open simultaneously.

The main thing about that is if you have both reservoirs open simultaneously and you are in a conversation or something in your mind. Accidentally you may pour gas into bar chain lubricant, and that’s you don’t want to do because that could make trouble with Echo Chainsaw.

The bar and chain oil cap are usually located in front of the Echo Chainsaw. Both the caps are correctly marked.


Fill the fuel tank correctly mix fuel. Fill the chain tank with appropriate bar and chain oil. Please make sure this all process and the Chainsaw are at the ground, not on any table or in the air carrying it. It could be so dangerous.


Before starting, it is necessary to engage the chain brake. Doing this can prevent the chain from spinning when the saw first turns over to avoid any potential safety hazard.


Move the ignition switch on. Echo Chainsaw has a carbonator with a purge pump or bulb. Push it in 3 or 4 times until the fuel is visible within the purge pump/bulb. Pull the choke control knob out. Securely hold down Echo Chainsaw using your hand on the front handle and your foot on the rear handle before pulling the starter cord a few times until it starts the engine.


Push the choke control knob in. Some chainsaws are equipped with the automated choke knob which automatically gets in when the engine starts. Pull the starter cord again to start the engine.


Allow the engine to warm up for several minutes for use. Before cutting, disengage the chain brake by pulling it back to the origin. Disengage the chain brake, and you are ready to work.

Bonus Tip:

Place the chainsaw on flat, level ground. Make sure the bar is clear of obstacles and bystanders are at a safe distance. Engage the chain brake. Engage the safety switch and simultaneously pull the trigger switch to start the chainsaw motor.



This is all about how to start your Echo Chainsaw? Before getting it started, you should check the oil and gas mixture to the required level.

  1. After using it, you should put the fuel back to the fuel tank so that it could not make your Chainsaw defected or have the fuel to the extent of your usage for the next some days if you have plans to use it.
  2. To avoid undesired situations, do not cut anything above your shoulder height.
  3. Keep your Chainsaw properly managed and placed so that you could find it in working condition at the time of next use.

Reasons Echo Chainsaw won’t Start

If the Chainsaw doesn’t start, here are some most probable causes. Due to the following reasons, maybe you are not able to start an echo chainsaw. By preventing the suggestions also given in the following session, you can start the echo chainsaw that won’t start.

  • Due to a carbon build-up and a weakened electrode. The spark plug will degrade over time, which can prevent the Chainsaw from starting. To avoid this cause, you can inspect your spark plug for damage. You can also use an ignition tester to help determine if the spark plug is defective. It is recommended to replace the spark plug once in a year.
  • Residue results from old fuel being left in the tank can create a restriction in the carburetor. That’s why you should always use fresh fuel when filling the tank and a fuel stabilizer to help maintain fuel quality. You can try the carburetor cleaner to eliminate the clog. Instead of purchasing a new carburetor, you can replace a carburetor repair kit for some of its components if it works; otherwise, go with the new one.
  • Old or lousy fuel can also create a clog in the fuel filter, preventing the Echo chainsaw start. Always replace the filter with a new one.
  • Suppose the starter’s recoil spring is broken. The rope won’t be able to recoil on the pulley resulting in the Echo Chainsaw not starting.
  • Recoil springs can be replaced easily, but it is safer to replace the whole recoil starter assembly.
  • The recoil starter itself could be malfunctioning and unable to engage with the chainsaw engine crankshaft. Again the starter assembly can be replaced to solve the problem.

Although this may be true that someone finds it easy to start an Echo Chainsaw, but it is also necessary to adopt precautionary measures. If you follow the above mentioned guidelines using a Echo Chainsaw will become much safer. If you have any queries or suggestions or found our article helpful, feel free to give your feedback in the comment section below.


Q: How do you start an Echo top handle on a chainsaw?

Ans: Secure the saw by placing your foot firmly in the rear handle and grip the front handle tightly with one hand (for rear handle saws). Pull the starter handle once or twice until the engine starts to turn over. Push the choke control back in. Pull the starter cord once more to start the engine.

Q: Are ECHO chainsaws professional grade?

Ans: Like all ECHO equipment, ECHO chain saws are built with professional-grade components and precision to ensure maximum value from your investment. High quality, hard working with renowned Japanese build standards.

Q: Is ECHO a good chainsaw brand?

Ans: We would highly recommend an ECHO chainsaw to anyone. We recently bought an Echo CS-310, great little chainsaw. it’s super light and starts very easily, powers through hardwoods easily. We use it to cut firewood & find it very fun to use compared to heavier saws we’ve owned.

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