How to Use a Chainsaw Proficiently

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Looking for a perfect guide on how to use a chainsaw? There are so many guides available but they’re all confusing. According to surveys the average person doesn’t know how to use the chainsaw proficiently.

How To Use A Chainsaw
How to Use a Chainsaw

Looking for a perfect guide on how to use a chainsaw? There are so many guides available but they’re all confusing. According to surveys the average person doesn’t know how to use the chainsaw proficiently.

Therefore, We need to train people to use the chainsaw safely.

This article will guide you on how to use chainsaw safely but If you’re not sure whether or not to invest in a chainsaw and reading this guide for tips, check out some of our reviews on top 10 best selling chainsaws. Let’s start with the guide.

 1- Safety First ! (Safety is the priority before using a chainsaw)

Safety items/protective clothing:

Here is a list of safety wear used before using a chainsaw:

Safety tools
Safety tools


When you’re out in the woods near your home, you need to always be prepared for any situation. If you’re cutting down a tree, protect yourself first. Wear gloves while working with chainsaw, gloves should be slip-resistant and cut protective.


Working with power tools and cutting through tough, dry wood can be a dangerous task without the proper safety gear. Protect your feet with boots so you did not hurt with sharp blades of equipment. The shoes should have steel toes or cut retardant.

Eye protection:

Working without the right safety equipment puts you at risk for serious injury. You deserve protection that’s built to meet your needs. Always use eye-protective goggles (or a helmet that includes a face protector).


A chainsaw safety helmet is an inexpensive way to protect yourself while operating a chainsaw. It’s as simple as putting on a helmet before starting to cut a tree or brush out of your yard. By using a hard helmet you can take care of your property without risking injury to yourself or your family.

A long sleeve shirt and pants:

Operating a chainsaw can be dangerous. Many injuries happen each year from improperly operating a chainsaw, or from getting too close to the saw. Some of the most common injuries are in the hands and fingers, legs, or back. The best way to avoid these injuries is to wear a chainsaw safety dress. Try to wear a shirt and pants that fully cover your body.

A chainsaw chaps: 

Chaps with 6 to 9 layers of cut-retardant material

You’re almost ready to start operating the chainsaw, but first, take a quick inspection of the unit to ensure that everything is in place, that nothing is missing, and that the chain is not loose.

Survey the work area:

 When you arrive at the working site, it’s time to plan for the feeling. First of all, ensure that nobody is within a distance of at least twice the tree height from the tree you intend to fall.

How to Use a Chainsaw Proficiently
Survey the work area

Check for things like dangling trees, hidden electrical cables, foot obstructions, wildlife, etc., that may cause issues while you’re cutting.

Also, check the wood itself for any nails, screws, or other metal objects that may have been inserted without your knowledge. You never want to cut through those types of things with your chainsaw.

2- Check out the chainsaw:

 It may seem obvious, but fill both the gas and bar oil reservoirs each time you use the saw, even if you are only going to cut for a few minutes. It is a good habit to get into to ensure that the saw will never run out of lubricating oil while it’s being used.

3- Starting a chainsaw:

Now it’s time to start the unit. There are two methods to start a chainsaw safely.

Set your chainsaw flat on the ground, with the bottom down. Push the chain brake forward until it locks. The chain brake, usually a separate lever located between the top handle on the chainsaw and the blade, prevents the chain from spinning until you release the brake and apply the throttle.

If you’re using a gas-powered saw with a choke, turn it on. There will be a primer button, push it four to six times to pull gas into the carburettor, then turn the power switch on. If your chainsaw is electric, all you need to do is depress the safety switch and flip the power switch on.

If you are still facing issues in starting a chainsaw you can read our other guide on how to start a chainsaw.

4- Handling a saw:

 Some common-sense rules apply to how to handle a chainsaw, regardless of what you’re using it for. Maintain good footing, watch for tripping hazards, and keep a balance by not overreaching with the saw running or getting into some weird body contortion. Keep your left hand firmly around the front handle, including the thumb. The chain must never be rotating when you move to another spot. Make sure no one is within 10 feet (3 meters) when you’re working with a chainsaw. 

5- How to Use a chainsaw:

When using a chainsaw, you always want to stand to the left of the powerhead, no matter if you’re limbing, bucking or felling.

 A chainsaw is useful for three tasks: limbing, bucking, and felling.

Limbing: Removing branches and limbs from a downed tree.

Bucking: Cutting the trunk of a downed tree to length.

Felling: Cutting an upright tree controlled, safe, and calculated.

Some Chainsaw Safety Tips:

  • Cut branches as close to the base of the blade as possible.
  • Always watch the wood as you’re cutting. If you see the cut, start to pinch the chain, stop cutting, rotate around the timber, or rotate the wood itself. A pinched chain can cause kickback.
  • Never let the chainsaw chain touch the ground or hit dirt while you’re sawing. It will dull the chain if you do, and then it won’t cut very well. 
  • If you’re bucking a tree and your chainsaw has Bucking Spikes, use them. Bucking Spikes are metal teeth at the base of the guide bar that let you dig into the wood. This gives you a solid pivot point so you can get a cleaner cut.
  • Always use two hands to hold the chainsaw. Never cut one-handed.
  • Never climb a tree with a chainsaw or cut from a ladder. Buy a pole saw if you need to cut branches that require climbing.
  • Never take your eyes off of the chain when you’re cutting.
  • Never cut with the tip of the chainsaw. This can cause a kickback of the blade and may strike your face or body.
  • Take a course! Nobody is an experienced chainsaw user from day one, and as a beginner, practicing on your own may cause you to learn the wrong technique.
  • Have your equipment checked! Your chainsaw is equipped with safety features. Make sure these are inspected regularly. 


The chainsaw is a power tool that is used to cut through logs, trees and other types of materials that are too tough for an ordinary saw. With proper use, it can be a very effective tool for cutting wood.

That’s all! Hopefully now You are much aware about how to use chainsaw safely. If you’re happy with this guide, kindly drop your worthy comment in the comment section below. For more informative and interesting sawing tips and tricks check out our guides on how to cut down a tree in 6 easy stepsWhat Size Chainsaw Do I Need? and  How to measure Chainsaw Bar and Chain?

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