How to Use a Pole Saw Safely and Effectively | 9 Easy Tips

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 11:09 pm

Have you purchased a Pole saw and stuck in how to use a Pole Saw? Then allow us to be your assistant in resolving the issue. This article will help you in understanding tips and techniques to use different types of Pole saw. Also it will provide the capability to use and at the end, a summary and conclusion on the article.

How to Use a Pole Saw
How to Use a Pole Saw

A perfect garden is a symbol of a well-maintained house, as the lawn or some times a formal garden is a part of a big house. Where there is maintenance, a proper tool is there, and in like manner, Pole chainsaw is the tool for maintaining the garden.

So when it comes to the thick branches not able to turn into a nice view from the ground level not only Pruning Saw but also Pole Saw an available option.

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Techniques: How To Use a Pole Saw

Now we will learn the correct methods of using the pole chainsaw and some essential precautions.

Branches Fall on Ground
Branches Fall on Ground
  1. Before starting, it is necessary to have some safety measures like some hard material clothes that will protect your body in case of free fall of branches when cut from the tree, similarly hard glass goggles for your eyes.
  2. Make sure that the area is clean where you want to operate.
  3. Make sure your position is accurate while handling the chainsaw before cutting the branches, depending upon whether you are right-handed or left-handed. This way will ensure a quick process.
  4. Start with cutting those branches that are near to you. Also read: How to Cut Down a Tree Safely | 6 Easy Steps
  5. Make sure the cleaning of the area from the cut branches immediately to avoid accidents.
  6. Always follow the mentioned thickness of the branch to cut, which is not more than 8 inches.
  7. If you have an electric or even a gas pole chainsaw, never use it under wet conditions, it is a general and preferable condition not to manicure your garden or lawn under wet weather.
  8. For a newbie, the most dangerous circumstances are those when a branch is under tension. When will this happen.
  9. Typically when a branch is cut, there is a release of tension, the fallback of the branch could be in any direction and will be unpredictable
  10. How to avoid this? The best solution is that before releasing the tension first give an undercut with a little distance this way will absorb the tension, and there will be no abrupt movement of the branch. After adjusting the position and movement of the branch, you can easily cut down that specific limb of the tree.

When Calling a Professional is a Must

There are many articles related to Pole chainsaw or pole saw cutting techniques, or how to use a gas pole saw, or manual pole saw. After reading these articles, one can understand the usage of different types of pole saw.


But one should always weigh the cost and benefit of such use. Because there always be certain situations where one can make self hurt. So below are those conditions where I would recommend that a professional service should be taken to manicure your garden.

  1. Branches are way too high to cut. However, the use of a ladder is not recommended.
  2. The branch is thicker than 8 inches.

Types Of Pole Chainsaw

Pole Saw can be categorized as follows:

  1. Gas Pole Chainsaw
  2. Manual Pole Chainsaw
  3. Electric Pole Chainsaw

Gas Pole chainsaw is driven by two engines of oil and gas, with a ratio of 40:1 or 50:1 respectively, if we talk about to the weight as two engines drive it, so it is a little heavy one.

Electric Pole Saw run over by electricity. If the lawn or garden area is not that big, then this one is preferable. Otherwise, a long extension of the electric cable will be required. The thickness of the blades ranges 6-10 inches with an average 7-ampere electric motor.


For each of the pole saw, the blades will come in the same sizes just the difference is in their weights to handle. But care should be taken not to cut the branches thicker than 8 inches max, to keep the tool safe as the wicked tool will be as good as dead.

Manual Pole Saw as the name suggests, is the hand-driven tool. You have to use your power to run the tool. The results will be best to cut down small bushes, small stems of a branch of a tree.

Bonus Tip:

When you’re cutting, it’s important to keep the blade at a consistent angle. If you cut at an angle that’s too steep, the blade will bind, and the pole saw will be difficult to use. If you cut at an angle that’s too shallow, the blade won’t cut through the wood completely. It’s best to practice on a piece of scrap wood before you start cutting on your project piece.


To summarize the whole discussion, Pole Chainsaw is your tool to manicure the garden.

Pole chainsaw comes in 3 different types depending on the way it runs, manual, electric, and gas. Gas Pole Saw is the heaviest due to 2 engine gas and oil, but easy to use in comparison to the manual one. This chainsaw is noise making in comparison to electric one which is less noise pollution.

At the same time, the Eco friendly is the manual one to use for small bushes and stems. Before using any Pole Saw, there are specific techniques and precautions which need to be followed. Like necessary conditions when it is a must, to call a professional to do it for you when the branches are thicker than 8 inches and also at the height which cannot be reached easily.

If you are working with short branches with high efficiency then you can also use battery powered saws.

Other vital conditions must also be acknowledged and follow.


Use Pole Saw and explore your passion.

We hope this article was informative to you and fulfills your needs and queries. Please leave the comments also your feedback. It will be an honor for us to consider in our future articles to remove any ambiguity and enhance them.


Q: Are pole saws safer than chainsaws?

Ans: They can leave you with serious, life-changing injuries. Chainsaws are more powerful and heavy than engine-powered pole saws. Chainsaws are counted as one of the most dangerous power tools, mainly due to the risk of kickback. Engine-powered pole saws don’t have the power of a chainsaw.

Q: Can a pole saw be used as a chainsaw?

Ans:  If the piece of wood you are looking to cut is thin enough, then yes, you might be able to get away with using a pole saw as a chainsaw. However, if you are cutting down a large tree or cutting a large branch or log, then a pole saw just won’t have enough power or size for the job.

Q: How thick can a pole saw cut?

Ans: Do not attempt to cut branches thicker than 8 inches – call a professional

Q: Can a pole saw cut tree trunk?

Ans: You sure can! A pole saw is the perfect tool to tackle hard-to-reach tree branches. It’s designed to grip branches and steadily saw for controlled, clean cuts. As with all pruning tools, pole saws come in different sizes, so make sure you choose a model that’s ideal for the diameter of your tree’s branches.

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